Super! Premium! Deluxe!

by Mumblr

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wet___dog at least I've got my net
AHA! Favorite track: Super!.
robyn moore-memis
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robyn moore-memis robyn also does not understand why you Boys aren't playing to big crowds... Favorite track: Deluxe!.
Robert Campbell
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Robert Campbell How the hell are these guys not so big they'd have security to keep losers like me away from them ? You should protest your local venues for not showcasing these guys Favorite track: Premium!.
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We recorded this live in one day thank you thank you


released September 1, 2015

Pillaged and Plundered by Scott Stitzer

Scott, Ian, Sean and Nick

Scott also on saxaphone, scott did a lot

Thanks to Josiah Schlatter for screaming at the end of Deluxe!


all rights reserved



Mumblr Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Your Dreams Rule!

Philadelphia band We love to play for u

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Track Name: Super!
Every night I hear the noise, in fact they're words behind my voice
too soft to hear, too loud to ignore
too moist to catch the taste

The time has come to write this out, the man that lives inside the cloud
he's real, he promised me he was
he told me I'm his cash cow

I forget the name
it's clear, I'm sure he's hear, behind me

I saw
I saw him running up the wall
at least I've got my net


I saw him running up the wall
I saw him run
he was my friend
you'll never be alone again

Track Name: Premium!
About a year ago I was working with this guy, now he was bad news dig?
He was always asking for money from people he knew didn't have it and buying Oxy's with his charity
And I went around town and said some shitty things about him and his mother and all kinds of incredible nonsense
of course some of it was true, except for the stuff about his mother
I never met her but she did a good job of raising an asshole

Now I'm now one to talk
because I've done some awful things in my time
but if you want to do me dirty
I'll give you a piece of mind

Now last that I heard he was living with a girlfriend he didn't have--
in a house that he didn't own--at a job he didn't work--getting mail without his name on it
A girl friend of mine, she loaned him $500 that she never got back
so she took a few of her friends down to where he stayed with a butterfly knife and a slugger and turned him into a piggy bank
I wonder whatever happened to that guy...

It's a shame that you owe me money
I thought I was crucial to you

The sun will be out all day
Track Name: Deluxe!
Jumped onto my bed screaming this is art
no, this is sex
no, this is wrong
you should be ashamed of the way that you're made
that's Nancy Grace, that's Robert Blake

I don't need anti-anxiety I just need to want what I need
So buy what you want, say what you mean
Just don't make a monster of me

Craving something sweet, oh have we met?
My name is sweat I drip on you
You spit on me
My prostate's swollen, I'm ass backwards meu shoo shoo

I don't need anti-depressants I just need to want what I need
So buy what you want, say what you mean
Just don't make a monster of me

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